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Star Signs, Choose Design - WishStrings Wish Bracelets on Gift Card | Thoughtful Gift under 5 pound | Gifts for Horoscopes, Zodiac Astrology

Star Signs, Choose Design - WishStrings Wish Bracelets on Gift Card | Thoughtful Gift under 5 pound | Gifts for Horoscopes, Zodiac Astrology

Choose your favourites from the designs shown in the listing photos!

Wish Bracelet Features:

* Beautiful Tibetan silver charm on cotton wax thread

* Gift Card Measures: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1-cm

* Bracelet Cord length: 30cm, self-tie design

* Cute and loving symbol of friendship, Great gift for family and friends

Why Choose WishStrings Wish Bracelets?

🌟 Dive into the world of WishStrings Wish Bracelets - magical gifts bursting with fun and hope, all under £5! Perfect for anyone who loves a sprinkle of joy, these bracelets are like tiny wish-making machines, just waiting for you to work your magic.

🌟 Picture this: with each knot you tie, you're weaving your dreams into reality! Whether you're a sister, a bestie, or a work colleague, WishStrings are your go-to gift for spreading good vibes and making wishes sparkle.

🌟 From celebrating your BFF's birthday to sending good vibes for exams or just adding some extra pizzazz to your everyday, WishStrings are your secret weapon for turning wishes into wonders. And guess what? When that thread finally snaps, get ready for your wishes to explode into reality!

🌟 WishStrings are ready to travel the world, spreading smiles and sparkles wherever they go. So whether you're facing a tough day or dancing through a celebration, your WishString is there to cheer you on!

🌟 Think first days of school, summer adventures, or just those "pick-me-up" moments when you need a little boost - WishStrings are the perfect thoughtful gift through it all!

🌟 Crafted with love and a sprinkle of fairy dust, each WishString is a tiny treasure made just for you. And hey, did we mention that Kelly, our magical mastermind behind the scenes, is a total mom boss with two awesome kiddos? Your support means everything to us!

🌟 So dive into the world of WishStrings today and let the magic begin! Make wishes, spread smiles, and watch as your dreams take flight on the wings of hope! ✨

The perfect gift to share Zodiac Wishes

✨ Celestial Connections: Embrace the magic of the cosmos with our WishStrings star/heart bracelet, a celestial gift tailored to star sign horoscopes, all under £5! Handcrafted with care, each bracelet carries the essence of astrological energy, perfect for aligning with the stars and embracing your zodiac identity.

✨ Symbol of Astrology: Tie on this bracelet, make a wish, and as the thread wears thin, let it symbolize the harmony between the universe and your star sign, guiding you along your cosmic path with wisdom and insight.

✨ Crafted with Cosmic Care: Featuring an enchanting Tibetan silver charm on a waxed cotton cord, each bracelet is meticulously hand strung to ensure durability and style, ready to connect you with the celestial energies of your zodiac sign.

✨ Easy to Wear: With a user-friendly self-tie system, our bracelets are effortless to wear, allowing you to carry the energy of your star sign with ease. The soft waxed cotton cord ensures comfort, empowering you to embrace your celestial identity.

✨ Perfect Zodiac Gift: Whether for yourself or fellow astrology enthusiasts, our WishStrings bracelets are the ideal way to honor your star sign and explore the mystical world of astrology, unlocking the secrets of the cosmos one wish at a time.

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