Our Story

Welcome to WishStrings® - Where Every Wish Begins!  

Our story is one of humble beginnings, a tale spun from a university concept to the vibrant brand you see today. Picture this: the very week our founder completed her dissertation, she also picked up the keys to our flagship store in the charming town of Brampton. Yes, you read that right – that's the kind of ambition that fuels the magic behind WishStrings.Co!

Starting as a humble village shop, upon request, we took our first steps into the world of wholesale in 2015, making our debut at the trade show scene in 2016. Since then, with unwavering support from our extended family of friends, loyal customers, and partners, WishStrings® has grown into a treasure trove! Our range has expanded to include not just our signature hand-strung and knotted bracelets but also stunning jewellery collections, Wish Tokens, sets, Wish Boxes, and so much more.

Each and every one of our items is packaged with a personal touch, from the hand-strung and knotted bracelets, hand-glued Wish Tokens and hand-written notes. All packaged by our lovely team to craft an enchanting experience for the wearer and for the cherished recipients of our gifts. Every piece is made on-site with an abundance of love, care, and genuine sentiment.

At WishStrings, we cherish connections and believe in creating a community founded on shared values, boundless creativity, and the pure joy of making wishes come true. We encourage you to stay in touch, join our community, and be part of the ongoing tale of WishStrings®. Here's to the continued success and growth, where every wish, no matter how small, has the power to turn humble beginnings into extraordinary journeys! 🌟  


Our Flagship Store 

Our journey isn't confined to the digital realm – we invite you to step into the heart of WishStrings® at our flagship store in the delightful Market Town of Brampton, Cumbria. Here, you'll discover a physical space designed for you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of WishStrings.
Browse through hand-selected gifts, peruse our stunning jewellery collections, and explore delightful home accessories.

Don't be a stranger – come say hello!

High Cross Street, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 1RP

Meet the owner 

WishStrings was originally founded by Kelly Wragg in 2012, as part of a new years resolution! 
Since then WishStrings.Co has grown with the loving help of family, friends and of course our loyal fans!
Since starting out at the beginning of 2012 we have branched out into a wider range of products, including our lovely sentiments jewellery collection, gift sets and of course our sister wholesale store! (www.wishstringswholesale.co.uk

Remember to also follow us at: www.facebook.com/Wishstring || @WishStrings

WishStrings Wholesale 

WishStrings has grown and developed since 2012 to become a trusted and recognised brand within the gift and retail industry. Due to the popularity of our products and demands to see them more widely available, WishStrings have branched out to provide our products wholesale to gift shops, boutiques, online retails and high street department stores! 

You can find more information about our Wholesale services over on our dedicated trade website, where you can also apply for a trade account.