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Rudolph - WishBuddies - Pocket Hug Token (WB019)

Rudolph - WishBuddies - Pocket Hug Token (WB019)

Keep anxiety and worries at bay with WishBuddies’ Pocket Hug Tokens!

This pocket-sized token is the perfect pick-me-up when you need a little positivity in your pocket. Psst, bonus points - it's the cutest hug token you'll ever lay eyes on! Give a hug and some good vibes - you got this!

  • Packaging card measures - 55mm x 85mm 350gm card
  • Random colour mix sent 

Founded in 2012 WishStrings® present to you a delightful range of WishStrings® Gifts.

Each WishStrings WishBuddies token is presented on a beautifully designed quality 350gsm gloss card with an inspirational saying or design. Your token will come presented in crisp clear cellophane, with space to write a gift message on the back.

- Heartfelt Sentiments: WishBuddies pocket tokens are infused with heartfelt sentiments, making them perfect for expressing love, encouragement, and well-wishes to friends, family, and loved ones.- Thoughtful Reminders: Each WishBuddies token serves as a thoughtful reminder of positivity and inspiration, offering comfort and support during challenging times and celebrating joyful moments.
- Versatile Gifting: With a diverse range of designs and the option to add a handwritten message, WishBuddies are versatile gifts suitable for any occasion, from birthdays and holidays to graduations and milestones.
- Personal Touch: Customers will love the opportunity to add a personal touch to their gift-giving by selecting a WishBuddies token that resonates with the recipient's interests, personality, or specific wishes.
- Lasting Keepsakes: As durable pocket tokens, WishBuddies are cherished keepsakes that recipients can carry with them wherever they go, serving as constant reminders of the thoughtfulness and love behind the gift.

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