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Live Life in Full Bloom - WishStrings Wish Bracelet

Live Life in Full Bloom - WishStrings Wish Bracelet

WishStrings Live Life in Full Bloom Bracelet | Floral Design Gift

Product Occasion:

  • Positivity Gift
  • Pick Me Up Gift
  • Happy and Uplifting Gift
  • Thinking of You Gift
  • Just Because Gift

Celebrate positivity with our "Live Life in Full Bloom" WishStrings bracelet:

♥ Uplifting Message: Featuring the inspiring quote "Live Life in Full Bloom," this bracelet is perfect for spreading positivity and joy. Handcrafted with care, it's an affordable gift under £5!

♥ Ideal for Positivity: Whether for a pick-me-up, a happy and uplifting gesture, or just to show you care, our bracelet embodies positive vibes and encouragement.

♥ Thoughtful Gesture: Tie on this bracelet, make a wish, and let it symbolize the beauty and growth in life. Perfect for friends, family, or anyone needing a boost.

♥ Crafted with Care: Each bracelet showcases a charming floral design on a waxed cotton cord, ensuring durability and style.

♥ Ready to Gift: Mounted on a beautiful card, it's perfect for gifting and expressing heartfelt sentiments, making it an ideal thinking of you or just because gift.

Founded in 2012 WishStrings® present to you a delightful range of WishStrings® Wish Bracelets. Each Tibetan Silver charm is hand strung and knotted on 30cm of the finest waxed cotton cord, making a beautiful simple bracelet to tie on as a token of love and friendship.

WishStrings Wish Bracelet Features:
* Beautiful Tibetan silver charm on cotton wax thread
* Gift Card Measures: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1cm
* Bracelet Cord length: 30cm, self-tie design

* Handmade in the UK by our studio team especially for you

Why Choose WishStrings Wish Bracelets?
★ Dive into the world of WishStrings Wish Bracelets - magical gifts bursting with wishes under £5! Perfect for anyone who loves a sprinkle of joy, these bracelets are like tiny wish-making machines, just waiting for you to work your magic.
★ Picture this: with each knot you tie, you're weaving your dreams into reality! WishStrings are your go-to gift for spreading good vibes and making wishes sparkle.
★ From celebrating birthdays to sending good vibes for exams or just sending someone a thoughtful thinking of you gift. WishStrings are the perfect affordable letterbox friendly gift option.
★ Adding that personalised touch, did you know we offer a free gift message writing service with all orders at no extra charge. Leave your personalised note in the designated box and we will handwrite your message with love.
★ Crafted with love and a sprinkle of fairy dust, each WishString is a tiny treasure made just for you. And hey, did we mention that WishStrings is a small business? Your support means everything to us!
★ So dive into the world of WishStrings today and let the magic begin! Make wishes, spread smiles, and gift the gift of a wish today!

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